Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Dear Abby,

A few years ago your mother gave me a birthday card that read "When it comes right down to it, the secret to having it all is believing that you already do!" In other words, the real gift is contentment.

Most of life's problems can be traced to discontentment. Discontented people are always looking for something that will satisfy them. They are usually whining or complaining about the situation they are in. Their lives are marked by ingratitude. Homes are turned upside down because of discontentment.

The Bible teaches us that true contentment comes by resting in the Lord. Whatever we get in life comes from His hand. We are to be grateful for whatever He gives us. A wise woman said that "Gratitude is the foundation upon which contentment is built." That gratitude is to be directed to God. There is no true contentment in this life without a relationship with Christ.

A home where there is contentment is a blessed place to live. It is a place of peace and a refuge for comfort. If one member of the family is discontent it infects everyone. Do your part in making your home a blessing to live in.

If you find that you are struggling in this area, take it to the Lord. He will give you the grace you need. Contentment is a learned trait. The sooner in life you learn it, the better off you will be. The apostle Paul went through everything imaginable for a person to go through. He said that he "learned" to be content (Phil. 4:11-13). Abby, a content woman is blessing to everyone.

May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other. I love you very much.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Dear Abby,

One of the things I pray for you and my other grandchildren is that you will have "discretion." You may know already that discretion is having the ability to make responsible decisions, using good judgement in conduct or speech, being unobtrusive and modest. The reason it is so important to me is because the Bible says "Discretion shall preserve thee" (Proverbs 2:11). It will keep you and protect you from possible harm. The Holy Spirit gives us small "checks and warnings" in our spirit. We can, however, ignore them and choose not to listen.

A few years ago, a young high school graduate went on a trip with a group of friends and became a missing person. It was later learned that she had made some unwise choices that involved alcohol and people she didn't know, but left with after a party. Her mother is in the news occasionally, and it breaks my heart to think what she must be going through.

A good example of a woman with discretion is given to us in I Samuel 25. Her name is "Abigail." (What a great name!) Read her story and see how discretion made a difference in a lot of lives.

Abby, no matter how beautiful a person is on the outside, without discretion the Bible compares us to a pig with a gold jewel in its snout! (Proverbs 11:22) Wherever you go, whatever circumstance you find yourself in, use discretion. Pay attention to the "checks." Ask God to give you an abundance of discretion because you will need it throughout your life.

May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other. I love you very much.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear Abby,

There are many ways of expressing the joy in our hearts. For me it is in singing. I have been singing my way through life these 59 years. I can remember so many songs that at any given moment, no matter where I am, I might break out in song. This poem says it all:

"Music plays inside of me;
And tunes are in my head
From waking time each morning
Until I go to bed.
Music makes me happy;
And things cannot go wrong
When I am filled with melody
And sing my faith in song."

Another way a person expresses joy is through playing a musical instrument. It thrills my heart to hear you play the piano! I am so thankful you enjoy it so much. Lily expresses her joy through drawing or making a card for someone. There is a friend of ours that loves to whistle and he does it quite well. Joy is the sign of a true child of God.

The hymns of the faith are very dear to me. Music is changing in churches today, and it is one of my desires that my grandchildren know and love the old hymns. I thank the Lord that at this point in your life you know many of them and so do my other grandchildren. I want to share with you and the others some of my favorites. When I am gone and you think of things you remember about my life, I want this to be on the list. So, for the record, here they are:


I keep a small hymn book close to my quiet time chair. When you meet with the Lord, it is nice to praise Him in song. Don't let the hymns of the faith disappear. Pass them down to your children (my great-grandchildren). "...... come before His presence with singing." PS.100

"May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other." I love you very much,


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dear Abby,

I just came from a little store on the corner where I go for cards and cleaning items. It seems to me that the people who run this store are a little on the crude side. It may be that this is the only place they can get a job, I'm not sure. The reason I mention it is that my heart always goes out to them.

Today there was a new cashier. She was smoking by the front door as I entered the store.. Later, I had a chance to talk with her because she was the one that waited on me. She was very friendly but sort of "down." She asked if I had a good New Year. I replied that I hoped it would be a good one since it had only gotten started four days ago! She then began to say things like "Maybe it'll get better," and "I hope it gets better." This gave me the idea that she wasn't happy nor did she have any assurance that anything good was in her future. I paid for my goods and then gave her a pamphlet to read with the assurance that she could have a very bright future. It was "GOD'S SIMPLE PLAN OF SALVATION."

Compassion is one of the oils of this life. We meet people everyday that are in need of compassion. (Sometimes we are one of them.)

Gratefulness is another precious oil of life. There is nothing more obnoxious than a person who is ungrateful. When we thank someone for helping us, for a gift received or for a service rendered, we are pouring out a blessing on them. A very difficult load can be lifted from someone who knows they are appreciated.

Politeness is another one of those oils. Never use shyness as an excuse to be rude. We should always acknowledge another person when they enter our personal space or if we pass them in the hallway at church, school or work. People who will not speak to another show the worst kind of arrogance. How sweet to be the recipient of a nice smile and a "hello." And don't forget those hugs for your parents and siblings from time to time!

No matter how old a person is, a warm hello can bring a little oil to life. Please remember the new girl in class or the one who feels left out. Be polite and include those who are lonely.

One more oil that keeps life running smoothly is thoughtfulness. How delightful it is for a daughter to do things around the home without being asked. Or maybe doing something for a teacher or friend that is totally unexpected. What an encouragement that can be to them.

Life is full of friction. It comes from sources such as people, difficult circumstances and even from within ourselves. We, as Christian women, must get that fresh oil from spending time with the Lord. You are not too young to develop a time alone with Him everyday. A good place to start is reading out of Psalms and Proverbs. Ask the Lord for that fresh oil to keep life running smoothly. You are a delight to be with at this wonderful time of life. My prayer is that you get even sweeter as the days go by.

"May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other." Love you much,