Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Dear Abby,

Don't we live in a beautiful section of our country? We are so blessed to live this close to the Smoky Mountains. I have many fond memories of times spent there with friends and family over the last 36 years. We have pictures of our children at different ages of their lives in the mountains with both sets of grandparents. We also have pictures of our own grandchildren in some of those same special places.

One of those special places is "The Chimneys." Papa and I went there yesterday for a picnic. Every once in awhile he will feel the urge to go to the mountains. He also has memories of going there as a young child with his parents and a grandmother and aunt. There is something special about driving "up" to the mountains and looking for bear and deer. Papa likes to walk on the huge rocks and listen to the roar of the water all around him.

Another special place in the mountains is "Cade's Cove." It really is a beautiful haven of peace and quiet where you can get away from the hectic life we all live. Not too far from there is a small town called Walland. You have been with us to the cemetery where Papaws relatives are buried. Your mother took pictures so as to remember but you should know the name of it is "Keebles Chapel Cemetery."

Here are the names for you to look for:

James Cross, Born Sept 12, 1881, Died Dec 26, 1934 (Your great-great grandfather)
Pearl Ogle Cross, Born Sept 7, 1893, Died Feb 13, 1973 (great-great grandmother)
Leon J. Cross, Born Feb 9, 1931, Died Jan 6, 1956 (great-great uncle)

Abby, I wouldn't trade all the memories and times spent there for all the best that Disney has to offer! Not me! Some of the most simple things in life, like picnics in the mountains, cannot be replaced by anything man can dream up. Be sure you carry out the tradition of going to the mountains with your children. We must plan a breakfast up there soon with the whole family. May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other. Love you very much.