Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Dear Abby,

I really feel impressed to talk to you about "old" people. A few generations ago the older people in our lives were treated with great respect and consideration. Some countries still place a high priority on the elderly. I was taught to be very respectful of anyone older than myself and to listen when they were speaking. When you think about it, they really have more to say than anyone else because they have lived longer and had more experiences.

When Papa plans a speaker for our church, he usually asks the older more experienced preachers to speak. The reason being he knows he can learn a lot from them. He and I have had the privilege of spending hours with older pastors and evangelists and their wives. We have taken every opportunity to ask questions and to glean from their years of experience.

I want to tell you about a Christian man that is about 104 yrs of age. To my knowledge he is still living. His name is George Beverly Shea. He has been singing for the Lord for most of his life and what an amazing voice he has! He was born in Canada into a Christian home. I think his father was a Methodist minister. He had the opportunity to have a career making a lot of money but chose to give his life in service to the Lord. He travelled and sang with the Rev. Billy Graham all over the world and saw countless numbers of people from many countries come to know the Lord. I love to listen to him sing because I know he is singing from his heart. I have listened to his testimony on YOU TUBE and been encouraged to know that this man has walked with God and found him to be faithful these many years. He has no idea how many people he has encouraged simply because he chose to serve God and stayed the course.

Abby, don't ever take for granted the "old" people in your life. Every time you get the opportunity to listen and observe one, pay attention. It may be in church or school or your home. Take the time to do a "search" of George Beverly Shea and I know you will be blessed by his testimony and his voice. May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other.


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