Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Dear Abby,

Hospitality is a large part of your heritage. Papa and I were blessed to have parents that taught us by example to be hospitable. Most Sundays at our house there were extra people around the table. With five children in the family, three of us teens at the same time, we often hosted youth groups or individuals in our home. Our parents had many friends and relatives that came to visit. One summer a cousin lived with us because his parents were going through a difficult time.

There are different ways to show hospitality. There is a couple in our church that have opened their pool up for families in our church. What a blessing that has been to so many. Last week I was invited to an older woman's home for a cooking lesson. She taught me to make her famous meatballs and gravy. We had a wonderful time of fellowship. Another woman in our church has hosted a Christmas cookie decorating party. She is known for her amazing artful cookies.

When Papa and I got married we were always hosting someone. In college we served popcorn and koolaide to other young couples. Once we hosted 27 college kids for Thanksgiving in our tiny apartment. When your mother was growing up we had a variety of people in our home. We had missionaries, evangelist, other pastor's families, neighbors, relatives and a lot of friends. We also hosted church activities in our back yard.

A few years ago a young woman came to our church with her sister. I did not recognize her until she told me her name. She had been a friend of Amy's in school days and had been in our home on several occasions. She told me that she always loved coming to our house. She even recalled a meal she ate with us that included an apple cheese casserole that she liked very much. I cannot tell you how that impacted me. I have thought about it many times since then. We never know how our hospitality will impact another.

Your parents also are very hospitable. It comes out of a generous heart and a love for serving others. I always enjoy going to your home. We have spent the last few Christmases and Thanksgivings there and what a great time we have.

When you are grown remember to practice the spirit of hospitality. Share what you have even if it is popcorn and koolaide! You never know what kind of burdens another may be carrying and how your kindness may help lift their load. I assure you the blessings will be all yours. May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from the other.



  1. Hospitality is something everyone not capable. It requires true heart.

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  2. Yes, I'm a big spokesperson for hospitality, & I'm sure I got from you :)